Post-Idol Miracles & Letdowns

Adam Lambert.

I was surprised at how his first single turned out to be. Not much screeching like wheels on a rainy night. For an American Idol runner-up to be totally embodying American Pop-Rock in his debut single, he’s got to be heavy. No corny line whatsoever. My only problem with this song is how he talks about “not giving up on love” and not convince me at all. I’m not saying he’s not someone who you wanna hear love songs from but I think he’s more than that. He is this generation’s glam rocker and I’d rather he completely do an Ex-Idol turn-around. These past Idols on their records, they talk about gratitude, love, life and yes, you figured, ‘miracles’. I kinda want a different topic, or I may say, in their songs after Idol.

Kris Allen

His debut single is a downfall. I’m sorry. First and foremost, it was not his. It’s originally a The Script song included in their promotional album that was exclusively released in Japan. But it’s not the issue there, it’s the fact that a lot was expected from him and then… Live Like we’re Dying. Although, this song is what Adam Lambert failed to do, to turn the whole idea and image of a post-Idol track. This one’s upbeat, fast-tempo and Kris mouths words to rap. If you were to compare this to Sparks’s Tattoo and Cook’s Light On, this one is not generic, it doesn’t sing, “I’m from American Idol, I won and now here’s to everyone.” Hell no, this is a fresh artist from out-of-nowhere singing a fresh song and the song itself is amazing. Kudos to Danny, The Script’s frontman for all the intelligent ideas.

To cap this blog off, I just want to squeeze in that no matter how many Idol there are to come and release post-Idol singles, nothing would compare to Carrie Underwood’s Grammy-winning debut single, Jesus Take The Wheel. From the vocals to the lyric, it’s not generic, it’s not bland, it is a song sang by a recording artist.


~ by ardenkhan on 05/11/2009.

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