So What Is This?

LOMG. Like Oh My Gaad.

So what is this? My first, second or third post on WordPress already? Ok, I get lost, seriously. I’ll stick to my Livejournal for now but I’ll get back at you, dear Wordy. I see myself going “blog-to-basics” on this one by the time we get our new computer set. Ondoy stole our computer and I don’t think he has plans of ever returning it, oh well, WTH.

You might want to ask why a blogger like me who’s been with LJ since forever, well, not so, since 2nd Year College, I guess, would create another blogsite. I don’t even know why. There’s something about WordPress that says, “I’m a blog site, damn it, take me seriously” that I don’t hear Livejournal mumble. Or it could just be my LJ theme that doesn’t say blog enough, it’s red theme could be quite unlikely for a site but, again, WTH. I love it that way. I’ve had that theme since I started LJ-ing. It was my College bloc kmate, Mikey who helped me create that. I remember how I would cut classes just to update my LJ.

I miss my blog friends. I miss Dan, he was one of my first idols. His writing is something that would take him around the world. He was one of my first LJ friends. Don’t think of this entry as a farewell note to my LJ, hell no. I’m still weighing things. Do I really need this WordPress? I kinda wanna keep it down low with Lj, wanna be faithful, at least I get to say i’m faithful once in a while.

I’m outta here. Not making sense again. OK, I’m hearing Pitbull and it’s hiphop! I should get outta here really.

Hotel, motel, holiday inn!


~ by ardenkhan on 05/11/2009.

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