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My banger sister- on a bus ride to a supposed rock gig- said, “We are young and the time to make mistakes in NOW.” With that in mind, I QUIT MY JOB. So today, I made it official, I left my Call Center job and off I run to find a new one hoping to find what I REALLY WANT along the way.

I’m young and very sickly and I guess all I ever want in this life is time to think things over and breathe… with my lung condition, breathing might be challenging. I love you, Acquire! As I have indicated on my resignation paper, it was a “first time” worth remembering. Yes, Acquire Asia Pacific was my first employer since graduating from College with the degree I stretched my bones to the fullest for.

I look back, I recall May 6, 2008, I was with Willy Sy, one of my 2 guy Best Friends, we walked in to Acquire, office located at the Lower Ground of the Worldwide Corporate Center along Shaw Blvd. I was young, I had no idea what was in store for me. Inna Aldeguer, my College Best Friend referred me to the company and so I got in, not because she referred me, it’s because they thought I was good with the help of “RX 93.1” all over my resume, they thought, hey, this boy can talk, more than that, this boy can speak. With no work experience whatsoever, I got the job offer, a basic salary of Sixteen Thousand plus, on top, regularization allowance, commission and other bonuses.

20 Days, I worked all the necessary forms: from SSS number to NBI Clearance, I learned that life was never gonna be as easy as how it was in College. May 26th, start of Training. 18 months, I served Acquire, or they served me. I left because I knew I had to already.

I’ve seen million faces pass me by. From my fellow trainees to fellow agents who come and go and the bosses who later on found a better offer elsewhere, I learned that leaving is always a part of every employee’s life. After all, nothing’s permanent to even begin with. And taking this small detail of life, which is employment, the whole idea of permanence is sure to be a perfect fit.

On the floor, I have always been the bottom performer. They love to call me a ‘bottom’ for some reason. Seriously now, I didn’t know what I was doing. Being a newbie was never an excuse for my poor performance. From June of 08 to January of 09, I was stuck at Level 1 on the campaign for the beginners, Cold Dialing Campaign, Outbound Sales. I had 4 Team Leaders who I could say took care of me and then later on gave up on me- Eugene Mendoza, Jay-Jay Lim, Chris Misa and my trainer who then became a TL, Nino Simborio.

November, Nino moved to “the better campaign” and I was left dialing Cold. I was then handled by the TL who I have to say has got to be the best boss, leader, immediate supervisor I had been under, Eric Manalo. I spent the holidays in the office with Eric and my team mates, we were his first team as he got promoted from being a Sales Coach. I received the best Christmas gift from a boss, a fancy bracelet which I always wore, reminding me that in everything I do, there’s always a TL to back me up, wrapped around me, so I better not fail.

In January 2009, I was somewhat promoted, I would love to call it that, I started dialing the “way better campaign” on Outbound Sales, Online Campaign. Eric was still my supervisor then. I dialed Online leads until May of 2009. That was the time when I earned more than what I thought I was gonna be capable of. Twelve Thousand per cut-off and I was just on Level 1.

May of 2009, Eric was moved to another campaign, as equally as good as Online, Inbound Campaign. I was then handled by Sheryll Ronquillo. (Oh no, I’m starting to cry.) Sheryll was my first female boss. She was the only bos my parents got to meet when we bumped with each other at Kenny’s in Mega. That time, my poor performance had become something that’s beyond her control. I failed big time and so she let me go. I was transferred to another campaign, not as bad as Cold could be but it wasn’t as heavenly as Online. I was transferred to April Nograles, another awesome lady love. I then dialed the “Online-2 Campaign.” In July of 2009, I was diagnosed with Systemic Viral Infection and I got confined for 4 Days and 3 Nights. I had been absent for 9 Days in July and as per the handbook, no matter the reason, one cannot dial a “Special Campaign” with a heavy amount of absences. So April let me go and transferred me to Rich Dela Cruz, I was back to Cold Calling. It was not a bad experience to be dialing Cold again, I’d been there for the longest time anyway.

Last week of July, I tried to apply for a higher position in another Department, the Winback Manila Department in Acquire. Same account, different job description. From the Department name itself, Winback, to win customers back. I made it and instantly, my status became Level 2. From the position title, Outbound Sales Representative Level 1, I became an Account Specialist Level 2. With generous training from Gian Isip and supervision of DM Sue Peterson, PM Marvin Maglonzo and immediate boss, Coach/ Team Leader Anne Dadufalza, I was living the life of an Account Manager. I have to say as well that I wouldn’t be as awesome of an agent if it wasn’t for the Level 3s who guided me along the way especially Leona Tampoc aka Ate Lyn Lyn, my Best Friend LT’s sister.

November 2009, as I celebrate my 18th month, I left.
Health reasons, personal reasons, they came in handy. Very timely, we are moving addresses and I’ve been very sick lately, sick enough to stop making calls. I’ve been diagnosed with Pharyngitis twice, thrice in a year and I should give my throat, pharynx some rest. I was considered to be a candidate for Tonsilectomy (if I mispelled it, f*ck me) for my tonsils are way infected.

I just wanna tell everyone that Acquire rocked my life.
I will forever be thankful.

To all the people I’ve met through my first job,
it was nice knowing you all. ๐Ÿ™‚

If this is yet another huge mistake I’ve done in my life, nothing’s responsible for the blame, not even my glamorous beautiful self. I’m young, I can change the course of my life because I’m only 22. I can live the next 22 years more making mistakes. Provided, I return to every detail and try… try to correct each and every mistake, breakdown and downfall.

So I guess this is Good Bye?

Lastly, to my girlfriends and boy tropas from Sales, to the ones who are still with Acquire and to the ones who have left before me, Honey Del Coro (my first ever friend in AAP), Michelle Genio, Lara Santos, Cindy Morales, Marese Secades, Berns Bunda, Pablo Uy, RJ Reyes, Quen Pineda, Mark Gatpayat and Matz Diaz, I love you and I’ll miss you forever. To my Winback Family from the HOT Team to the WARM Team to the COLD Team to Recontracting and Cash Converters, you guys rock the Christmas Party, alright?

To my one and only crush at work who I never got to know, yes, I never had crush on anyone in Acquire except for this new HR who replaced the lady who hired me, Kitty Magpayo. Yes, you, Ivan Nava, you’re simply beautiful and I still dream about kissing your butt cheeks.

To all my gays in the office, it’s all about the color Yellow, honey.
Remember me with a smile, always! ๐Ÿ™‚

Good on ya, mate!


~ by ardenkhan on 06/11/2009.

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