Are You Mine?

I’m single, happy and never considered ever loving again since January 2008. This whole mantra’s gonna turn 2 years old in 2 months time. I think I might need a new perspective on love. All I have to do is let go of all the bitterness and dark coffee clouds around my hypothalamus. Happiness.

This song makes me ask myself, am I done pretending I’m not the relationship kind? Because seriously, I blush every time I hear this one from Lily Allen and with no particular person in mind, I smile. I think about coming to life all the words Lily sings in this track, Who’d Have Known.

Are you mine, are you mine?
Cuz I stay here all the time
Watching teli drinking wine

Whodve known, whodve known
When you flash upon my phone,
I no longer feel alone,

Lets just stay, lets just stay,
I wanna lie in bed all day,
Well be laughing all the way

This song so right into me makes me wanna dream about someone I wish to meet in the future.  Someone without a face but a very vague image. Someone who I want to get to know, flirt a little with, hide feelings from, secretly fall for, take it slowly and then the affair.

Are you mine?

Please be mine whoever you are.


~ by ardenkhan on 08/11/2009.

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