On Deck

Can’t seem to know what to get me for the Holidays?

Man, you’re caught in a bad romance between you and yourself.

Lady Gaga

The funny thing about this album is, I don’t know what the real album cover is. I thought this was a funny one so I just grabbed away. The Fame tracks plus Bad Romance and the some, definitely, MONSTER.

She’s Brit and she’s got to be one of my ultimate favorite female singers. From my addiction to Christina Aguilera to Chantal Kreviazuk, Joss Stone, Madonna, Vitamin C and Lady Gaga, throw in Carrie Underwood and Tori Amos and Dido and Pink and Miley…

this is Lily Allen.

Lily Allen

Her album title, It’s Not Me, It’s You is one of the funniest lines I’ve ever encountered in my life. We get it a lot during break-ups, “It’s not you, it’s me.” which makes you go, “Whatever, crap!” But have you ever encountered the cliche being stated the other way around? I don’t know at what inspiration Lily Allen got the whole idea from, hell I care. I want her in my collection. With 4 released tracks and some resting in their hiding place, I want this CD badly.

The Fear, Not Fair, Fuck You and Who’d Have Known?

Oh and have you any idea what her song Not Fair’s about? It’s about seriously sick boys who are awfully perfect for a boyfriend but in bed, he’s better off thrown in the bin, seriously. Ha ha.

From Brit lady Lily to this Brit techno-indie band Athlete. I’ve got the hots or Superhuman Touch. I’m sad I only got to know them now but it’s all good. Muse, Suede, they’re stuck there somewhere in the middle.


I can’t find an image of the new Lifehouse CD yet which is super frustrating. Nonetheless, I don’t want no one giving me a Lifehouse CD anyway. I’m gonna purchase one myself. Smoke And Mirrors, the 5th studion album from Lifehouse, drops this December. A perfect Holiday present for the people you wanna rock and roll (in bed) with.


I can’t find a DVD copy of this in malls and record bars, I hate it! I found Juno, The Reader and Unfaithful, but this! No one gets left behind, trust me. One of my favorite films of all time. It’s yellow and sunshine happy!

Little Miss Sunshine

From Toni Collette to Alan Arkin’s Oscar-winning role to Paul Dano, Gregg Kinnear, Steve Carell and everybody’s favorite muse, Oscar nominee Abigail Breslin! If anyone could lead me to a place where there’s LMS DVD, I’d love you for life.

I feel bummed.

I’m heading on out of here before I miss my appointment. I’ll be blogging further on the what-to-gets for the Holidays. Feel generous to grab one for me, too.


~ by ardenkhan on 10/11/2009.

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