Under My Armed Beretta

Rihanna’s Umbrella was picked as The Best Song of the Decade by English voters through British Telecom. NO WAY!

When you say decade, it’s from 1999-2009, correct? Like, no! Umbrella sure was a giant in 2007 but for it to rise upon such wonders in the past decade, that’s just so typically wrong.

What’s even worse is the whole TOP 10 itself. See the full rundown on this article. Here we go, click this.

So, this is just some random thing I thought of. I wanna know which 10 SONGS for you should fall under the category that is, “The Best of the Decade, 1999-2009”. I know it’s like a hard hard thing to do and you might miss out on some good songs, but probably the first 10 that’d pop-up out of your head! This is gonna be so much fun! Remember, 1999’s like the peak of POP Music, so let that Poppy turn over!

I’ll start with mine and then I’ll tag you and hopefully, you’d go and create one like this, too!

My Top 10 of the Decade

1. Someday We’ll Know – New Radicals (1999)

2. Breathing – Lifehouse (2001)

3. Glorious – Andreas Johnson (1999)

4. Irreplaceable – Beyonce (2006)

5. In My Place – Coldplay (2002)

6. Carcrashes – Standfast (2001)

7. Built To Last – Melee (2007)

8. Balisong – Rivermaya (2004)

9. Bad Day – Daniel Powter (2005)

10. Strange And Beautiful – Aqualung (2005)

There, my Two Cents Worth. Game, it’s gonna be so much fun! Anything but Rihanna’s Umbrella on top is fun!


~ by ardenkhan on 11/11/2009.

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