What’s Complicated?

IT’s complicated.

I’m back to the dating scene. I met someone who could be, could be a distant relative, a far-off brother. Same last name, Khan. Like seriously, how many Khans are there in the Philippines? So we met and we kinda engaged ourselves in this world of mutuality, or so we agreed. My Best Becks Maphy and JV have already met him and they were laughing their heads off on what could be an incest. We look good together, they both thought.

My Friday the 13th was unforgettable. Lunch date over coffee and fries in Ayala and a hot afternoon and an even hotter midnight somewhere out there. That could be love. But we don’t know.

I like this date, I have to say. The date likes me, too or so I wanna believe. I’m just scared, scared to death of what could go on if I give this a shot and if I don’t. All my life I just wanted to feel love again after 2 years of being trapped in single-hood with an unforgiving heart. God brought me to a person who believes in God more than anyone else and who could be someone that I am to seriously love.

Less than a week and I think this can make a huge impact in my future as a person and as a mature lover.

I want to believe that love still exists. I want to give this a try.

Yes, WE exist… but we’re taking it slow. We’ll see how it goes.

Are you mine, are you mine?


~ by ardenkhan on 14/11/2009.

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