The New Guy

It has been two weeks since I bid my Call Center job farewell. One week of bum-hood and then, this new life. I am now employed at the satellite office of a Korean School which focuses on making English as the Republic of Korea’s second language. I work as an essay editor.

I have heard of this job from JV dela Cruz and Hazel Reyes, my College best friends turned office mates. I engaged myself in a three-month project-based contract which means, I am not entitled to basic salary. The money I will earn will depend on the number of essays I proofread and edit in a day.

This is officially my second job since graduating from College in March 2008. I was with an Australian company for 18 months and now, I’m bordering the 38th Parallel. I think I am liking this new venture of mine. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts, I had on-the-job training in Advertising, Events, and Broadcasting, I had a pretty good background in Sales and Telemarketing, and now, it’s all about wordplaying and writing.

The office is very big. That’s how Dora-portraying-Kimmy in Kimmy Dora, a 2009 film, described the office she works in. If I were to describe where I report to five-days-a-week for nine full hours, I would not say the same thing; I would say, it’s bigger than how it’s supposed to be. Neat is the word. Class and elegance everywhere. The pantry alone is inviting, like, you would not want to work any more and just stay there for all you care. We are located at the 17th floor of the Cybergate Tower Three, the building where Summit Media is. Looking at the city from this high-rise is a wonder. I have never been this fascinated by the slums of Makati and Mandaluyong but they are so good to my eyes.

Next week, the real editing job begins. I just wish I would be as awesome as JV and Hazel are in their league. I need money. It’s the season to be greedy and selfless. Cheers!


~ by ardenkhan on 20/11/2009.

One Response to “Editor-Is-Cheap”

  1. you can do it babe! mwah!

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