Marry Me

Never in my life have I thought I would be a Twilight Saga fanatic.

Yesterday at lunch, I watched The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and knowing the fact that I have never read any of the books, I was blown away by how the story was so loyal to its romantic theme. I have seen the first instalment, Twilight in the same cinema with the same person, my BFF Meryl.

Twilight had a crappy visual effects production, but it was gladly saved by these three reasons:

1. The Motion Picture Soundtrack. From Bella’s Lullaby, was it, to Muse’s Supermassive Blackhole during the baseball game, to Iron & Wine’s Flightless Bird/ American Mouth finish during the prom night.

2. Ashley Greene playing Alice Cullen. Fans have been raving about this actress’s portrayal of the perky fore-shadower vampiress. From her baseball throw to Muse’s song to the breaking of James’s head, Alice has got to be it.

3. Robert Pattinson. Enough said.

Despite all those stated above, Stephenie Meyer still failed to capture the fanboy in me. Until New Moon.

I never wanted to be a Twilight Saga fan because, just because. But to be surprised on how things are going in the movie, moreso, in the story, New Moon does fairly deserves its Box Office success, if I may. With no idea whatsoever on what the book reads, the film won my attention and my heart, it slowly tore as the heartbreaking Bella and Jacob, and later on Edward tear apart.

The FIVE things I loved about The Twilight Saga: New Moon:

1. Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen (again). She won my heart in Twilight, and now, she’s back on the role with a bigger attitude and contribution to the film. Two of my favourite Alice appearances are, first, on the car with Bella, of to Italia, Jacob reaching Bella through the window on Alice’s side. You can read Alice’s face saying, “Ok, I’m not part of your mess, so I’m gonna shut up. Just tell me when you’re done with the drama, so I can finally start the engine. It’s only my brother who’s about to die.” My second favorite Alice scene was during the Bella-saved-Edward at the Volturi, and they were forced to see Michael Sheen’s character, and then came Alice with the scarf and the shades, I love her. Who would forget the line, “Dear Alice,”?

2. Dakota Fanning as Jane. Who would’ve thought that this kid from I Am Sam and War Of The Worlds would grow up as beautiful as the Jane we all witnessed on New Moon. Trust me, it’s not because of her beautiful face why I’m so hooked to the film, it’s how she rocked her limited screen time as Jane. Pain.

3. Love is in the air. Who doesn’t fall for the pain brought by a love triangle? I fell for it so deep that I could feel my chest gasping for air as Edward, Bella, and Jacob were on the peak of their emotions crying for love. It got me when Edward said good bye to Bella in the woods. It got even harder to imagine when Jacob- after doing all his best- left by Bella for Edward in the forest.

4. Wolves, awoooooo! Indeed, the visual effects have turned major from Twilight to New Moon, most evidently on the transformation of the hunks to wolves. I am never gonna cry Jacob’s body is hot, I’m not interested in bulky dark guys; but one or two of the werewolves are rather hotter than I have thought. The skinnier guys, man, who could imagine they could play wolves.

5. Robert Pattinson. Bow. If you’re into tall, lean, skinny-bordering-toned, white-bordering-pale guys with a little bit of chest hair, he’s the one for you. Who cares if he skips shower in real life?

Not to forget, the diverse motion picture soundtrack brought about by Death Cab For Cutie, The Killers, Alexandre Desplat, Muse, OK Go, the awesome song from Grizzly Bear and Victoria Legrand among others.

The New Moon billing would not be as heavy and expensive-looking if it wasn’t for Dakota Fanning and another actor’s name on the roll- Michael Sheen. He played Prime Minister Tony Blair in the Oscar-winning The Queen and David Frost, a British journalist who got the big bucks to have resigned President Nixon for a “sit-and-talk” in the Oscar-nominated film Frost/Nixon. In New Moon, Michael Sheen takes on a not-so-make-up-friendly character, Aro. Him, his voice and the regalness in his acting just fit right into the character.

So, I guess I’ll be one of them screaming High School girls waiting impatiently for Eclipse.

I now close this entry with this killer line from New Moon,

“Marry me.”


~ by ardenkhan on 02/12/2009.

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