Taking The Lead

Film fans and award enthusiasts are all excited for the big Hollywood film awarding ceremonies: The Oscars, the Globes, and the SAGs. Well, let’s include the BAFTAs which happens like two, three days prior to Oscar night requiring the stars fly from the US to UK and back. Before these award-giving bodies honor the masterpieces of the year that has been, let us first acknowledge the small film critics as they already have recognized the bests of 2009 in film-making.



The thriller-drama about an American army during the Iraqi warfare, The Hurt Locker, takes the lead with 10 WINS. Juno Director’s Up In The Air with 8, and Tarantino’s Nazi-era Inglorious Basterds settles at third with 2 wins.



Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) with 15 wins

Jason Reitman (Up In The Air) with 3 wins

If Kathryn Bigelow’s Best Director luck sails through to the Oscars, she’d make history as the first female director to ever win an Achievement in Directing Oscar (Best Director).

Other Best Director winners from other critic awards include Clint Eastwood (Invictus), Lee Daniels (Precious), Quintin Tarantino (Inglorious Basterds), Pete Doctor (Up), and Spike Jonez (Where The Wild Things Are) with 1 win each.



Previous Oscar winner for Syriana, George Clooney plays a corporate downsizer as he travels around the country to fire people. For Up In The Air, he already has 9 wins. Other Best Actors include Colin Firth (A Single Man) with 5 wins, and Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) with 4.



Playing the character of a young girl who dream big, then later on falls in love with a man twice his age who has a dark habit, Carey Mulligan- with 10 wins for An Education– rules over Meryl Streep (Julia & Julia) with 6 wins, and Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) with 3.



Austrian actor Christoph Waltz wins the biggest favors from film critics as he already has collected 20 wins for playing the primary antagonist in the Nazi-Jew hunting Inglorious Basterds. The closest probable to Waltz would have to be Woody Harrelson (The Messenger, 1 win) who recently got a Golden Globe and a SAG nod for playing a US Army staff who is tasked to deliver the message to the families of fallen soldiers.

The dark horse: Christian McKay in Me And Orson Welles with 2 wins for playing a producer scouting actors for his play adaptation.



Playing an unemployed mother, member of a dysfunctional family in 1987 downtown New York, TV actress and comedian Mo’Nique in Precious has already collected 19 wins and solid SAG and Golden Globe nominations.

The dark horse: Anna Kendrick for Up In The Air with 4 wins. Although, if I may, the Academy might give it to a black lady this year following the last year’s “total black-out” where Viola Davis (Doubt) and Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button)– both nominated for Supporting Actress- lost to Penelope Cruz (Vicky Cristina Barcelona). At the same time, Carey Mulligan, a fresh face, stands to win the Best Actress trophy, and the Oscars might not allow to give two trophies to two new comers in the same night. Again, that’s just my take on it.




Michael H. Weber, Scott Neustadter (writers)

Summer: We’ve been like Sid and Nancy for months now.

Tom: Summer, Sid stabbed Nancy, seven times with a kitchen knife, I mean we have some disagreements but I hardly think I’m Sid Vicious.

Summer: No I’m Sid.

Tom: Oh, so I’m Nancy…

[Pancakes arrive]


Quintin Tarantino (writer)

Col. Hans Landa: [to Perrier LaPardite] I love rumors! Facts can be so misleading, where rumors, true or false, are often revealing.


Both of these films have 6 wins each, the difference is that Tarantino received a Golden Globe nod for his work whereas the (500) Days Of Summer writers got snubbed.




Jason Reitman, Sheldon Turner (writers)

based on the novel by Walter Kirn

Ryan Bingham: How much does your life weigh? Imagine for a second that you’re carrying a backpack. I want you to pack it with all the stuff that you have in your life… you start with the little things…


This film leads the pack with 12 wins and a Golden Globe nod.


For an updated tally on the days after today when I created this entry, please check this link.



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