You Found Me

It has been a year. It was not a good year; it wasn’t a bad year either. I don’t think I have ever shown my appreciation to everyone so much. My year started and ended beautifully and I owe it all to my friends who have been consistently making me feel loved. I failed, I succeeded, I rocked. My 2009 has been nothing but chaos and pop-rock music.

  • The whatever-relationship in January with an old friend who I had longed for since 2005. It was a great kick-off, to realize that it’s never gonna work out. I guess, all the while, my friends got it right. I was better of alone than chasing after a stone.
  • The relationship in May with a former crush who I met at a not-so-ideal place or event. It was a group whack, drugs, and condoms everywhere, and there that person was.
  • The relationship in November with who could be a distant relative. I love you, and I’ll stay in love with you. Thank you.
  • The Medical City rendezvous in July due to blood platelet failure. It turned out that doctors could be wrong, too. I had been diagnosed with Systemic Viral Infection, and that’s all I ever got to know.
  • The resignation from the Call Center industry in November after 18 months of service. The employment at a rather worse job in the same month, but who cares.
  • The ultimately huge revelation and realizations with a couple of friends in March, or late February. Paranoia came rushing after.
  • The Becks and GEEz night-outs and cash-outs. Shangri-La, Tomas Morato, Embassy (when there still was), Starbucks bondings, Vodka and Karaoke at Pura’s, and the unforgettable “The Suite Life” at Legend Villas Hotel in September.
  • The birth of Xian Mendoza in November.
  • The pseudo-bankruptcy during the last quarter of the year.
  • The Ondoy devastation, the breaking of the spirit in September. It was the greatest event of my life, if you ask me. That moment, I knew who my true friends are, and who my rather casual friends are. You know who you are and how you helped me and my family regain our sanity back. The whole Khan and Lagman family had been the best, united.

I learned who my true friends really are. Them, who emotionally and physically stood by me. Thank you.

I have been blessed.

I have been blessed.

In 2009, you found me.


~ by ardenkhan on 30/12/2009.

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