Healthy & Active Lifestyle

This has got to be one of the highlights of my 2009. I was invited (or hired) to direct the Coke HALika event 2009- Manila Leg. The event culminated in Rajah Sulyman, Manila, December 19, 2009, 6AM.

Tammy Ferrer and Jojo Palad of Grupo Sorbetero gave me the task of the Technical Director for the event. Thank you for believing in me. Naks!

To the best production team, thank you! Let’s meet them, shall we?

Onin (Production- Logistics)

Arden (Technical Director)

JV (Stage Manager)

Escy (Production- Audience)

Caramel (Production- Technicals)

Maphy (Asst. Stage Manager/ Production- Stage)

HAL (Our mascoteer)

Wilma Doesnt – Host

Sam YG – Host

The Coke Caravan (Stage) with the first few audience

The console- my bestfriend for three hours.

During the 12 midnight calltime.

My BESTBECKS and TEAM, thank you!


~ by ardenkhan on 31/12/2009.

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  1. […] event held in the roads of Manila a week before Christmas day. You can check this blog post right here, with photos and all. The Healthy and Active Lifestyle event by Coke. (Coke, the soda brand, not, […]

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