Papa introduced the family to Sky Cable’s Digibox and it got all of in the know of what are to be shown and what are currently showing on cable TV. For the past nights, I have been catching great films on HBO, Star, and Velvet, with some which I have never seen, and some I saw during my yesteryears.

It never crossed my mind to actually watch this Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank- Gerard Butler starring, P.S. I Love You. First, I am not into these terajerkers. Second, I didn’t have the means to liberally watch films in 2007. I caught this for the first time on Star Movies last Tuesday (was it) and I was crying all throughout the film, considering the fact that it’s supposed to be somewhat comedic. Comedic in a sense that the film also starred Lisa Kudrow and the not-so-stressful Gina Gershon in a lighter role. The last Gershon film I remember watching was Face/Off, and she was kick-ass action-heavy in that Cage-Travolta riot.

It was a great opportunity to actually watch Hilary Swank play an all-American, mega-feminine lady. We would all recognized her as the Oscar favorite who played the life of the late Teena Brandon, a lesbian character Kimberly Pierce introduced us to in 1999’s Boys Don’t Cry where Swank won her first Oscar. In 2004, Swank starred in a Clint Eastwood drama about a female boxer, Maggie Fitzgerald, in Million Dollar Baby which scored her a second Oscar. Hilary Swank, however, starred as somewhat lady-like characters in The Black Dahlia, Freedom Writers, The Gift, and most recently, as historical icon Amelia Earhart in the 2009 biopic, Amelia.

Gerard Butler, on the other hand, who we all came to know as the 8-pack King Leonidas in 300, and as the phanton in The Phantom Of The Opera, was on a romatic-comedy mode playing a young husband to Swank’s character. I must say, I fell in love with the Butler who I watched in that film. The recent fil I saw him on was the thriller, Law Abiding Citizen.


The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper starred in the horror The Midnight Meat Train alongside Leslie Bibb, the actress who once played Queen B (Brooke McQueen) in the 1999 American TV series, Pop-U-Lar.

Most of the American actors who graced the TV series, Pop-U-Lar stopped acting since the end of the show. Christopher Gorham (who played Harrison John in the series) is appearing on TV shows here and there like Ugly Betty and Harper’s Island. Bryce Johnson (quarterback Josh Ford) starred in a number of independent films like Sleeping Dogs Lie and Bluetooth Virgin.

Leslie Bibb, one half of the main show casts, has been appearing in big-cuck films post pop-U-Lar stage such as Iron Man, Confessions Of A Shopaholic, and Law Abiding Citizen. She will reprise her role as the bitchy reporter, Christine, chasing after Tony Spark in Iron Man 2.

I have never been more excited for a not-so-popular movie actress. I want Leslie Bibb to keep getting the roles of a lifetime. She’s the only one who reminds me of the 90’s and how cool Television used to be then. In The Midnight Meat Train, she was at her most extreme acting, and I have never been so impressed. If she keeps working her way to supporting roles in films, she can actually get a huge recognition from film awards.

I would like to blog more about the recent great films, the award-winning ones which I have recently caught on cable TV, but I kinda feel tired already. Stressed from work, I guess. I’m going home to THE MESSENGER. This Woody Harrelson-Ben Foster drama about army men breaking the news to the families of the dead soldiers.

I wanna commend Velvet for airing Traffic and 21 Grams, both Benicio del Toro starring. Those films were unforgivable. The writing and the acting, man, those films are classic. I was reminded of how great Naomi Watts was in 21 Grams, and Michael Douglas, catherine Zeta-Jones, and Don Cheadle were in Traffic.

On Cinema One last weekend, Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit, a 1991 Filipino drama which starred Dawn Zulueta, Richard Gomez, and Eric Quizon, aired. If I may share, Dawn Zulueta made FAMAS history as the only actress to win both the Best Actress award for this film, and the Best Supporting Actress award for Una Kang Naging Akin, in the same awards ceremony in the same year. Not so much of a big deal, but how many great Filipino actresses do we know that are worthy of such recognition? Everyone’s become a little too generic, yeah?



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