Army Of The Academy

This year’s Oscar race is at its most masculine point. It has been releasing so much testosterone and male energy with films mostly dominated and led by Hollywood’s finest gentlemen and newest discoveries.

George Clooney travels around the States to fire people. Matt Damon plays an English athlete triumphing in South Africa. Brad Pitt plots an assassination of the Nazi leader himself. Peter Sarsgaard plays a heart-crook to a young lady’s innocence. Jeff Bridges plays a country singer struggling on his relationship with a young woman. Robert Downey Jr. plays… Sherlock Holmes. These and more are this year’s strongest contenders to the Academy and other award-giving bodies’ Best Actors league for 2009.

To add up to these mainstream names, the Oscars, and its posse,  also recognizes the newcomers to have played the toughest roles possibly on the big screen. These are the army men of the Academy race.

Jeremy Renner as Staff Sgt. William James


An American jerk in Iraq. Not quite how most gentlemen would imagine a vacation, eh? This newcomer plays the team leader of a “bomb-disposal” group in Iraq.

THE DRAMA: Him and his family left in the U.S. Him, being totally an asshole to his team. Him, perfecting all the tasks. Him, breaking down to the loss of a young boy- it’s him breaking down to the reality of Baghdad.

THE COCK: Him and his cigarette hanging from his mouth under the scorching hot sun in Middle Asia. Him, taking his headset off during a duty. He is a bad-ass army dude. He is our Oscar Army man #1.

Sam Worthington as Corporal Jake Sully


From the Terminator Salvation to James Cameron’s comeback Avatar, Australian actor Worthington has taken over the role of the action-packed AND drama-filled leading man. From the marine, he steps on his brother’s shoes, and body, to a new world, so much farther from reality.

THE DRAMA: Him and his disability. Him and his ability to learn fast and adapt quickly to a new world requiring him to choose whether or not to stay in the real world, or trade it for the fantasy realm.

THE COCK: Jake Sully wasn’t only Sam Worthington is army suit, he was also Jakesully in blue. Literally. Enjoying his life and his agility in Pandora, he later on finds a woman from the tribe and falls in love.

Ben Foster as Staff Sgt. Will Montgomery


Yes. It’s Angel. The one who flew, breaking the windows of the psychiatry building, up the sky in X-Men: The Last Stand. He gets a gig as an army man who just flew back (safely) from Iraq and gets assigned to the Casualty Notification Team of the U.S. Army. Just how hard is it to tell the families of the army men that their pride has been killed in action?

THE DRAMA: Him and the task he never asked for, the task he refuses. Him and his vulnerability in breaking the hearts of the families of the soldiers that just died. Him and his soft side for the newly-widowed women and their young kids. Him and his e, and every soldiers, experience in Iraq.

THE COCK: Him, having to deal with his partner Captain Tony Stone (played by Woody Harrelson). Him, crashing the wedding of his ex-love, wearing shabby drunk-on clothes. Him and his fresh love for the widow of a fallen soldier.


These are the leading men of tomorrow. Yes, even bastards, jerks, stubborn men also fall in love. These men, their strongest features and soft sides are the ones to expect on the next coming years’ mainstream Hollywood fest.



Woody Harrelson gets the “supporting stint” of a lifetime.

Woody Harrelson, 1997 Academy Awards nominee for Best Actor for playing a porn magazine publisher in The People Vs. Larry Flynt. In the 2000’s, he has become prone to getting small roles in the mainstream cinema, most recently in 2012 as flip radio announcer Charlie Frost. He also appeared in numerous Oscar-recognized films such as No Country For Old Men, North Country, and Seven Pounds. More than being a serious, frightening, big man, he also played cranky doolittle roles in films such as Management and Semi-Pro. His leading man status has been renowned in films like Transsiberian, one of my favorite films, with Emily Mortimer and Sir Ben Kinglsey, and at present, the critically-acclaimed Zombieland.

Oscar nominee Harrelson is believed to be awaiting his second Oscar nomination, this time, for his supporting role in the drama The Messenger alongside Ben Foster. He played veteran Army man, Captain Tony Stone, pairing up with a staff sergeant in breaking the bad news to the families of the fallen soldiers.

Woody Harrelson had a butt exposure in the film. Yes. Him and his daddy-like saggy body, maniacal looks, and sexy aura, this Mr. Harrelson is an old man, but a hard one to kick off from his righteous state as a respected actor. It’s about time he gets recognized.

Ladies, gentlemen, folks. When the world is ending… turn to Woody Harrelson. He sure knows the way to safety. (Just like in 2012).


~ by ardenkhan on 09/01/2010.

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