And this is how it feels like to be back.

I have been absent from the blogging scene for almost a month. If you would sail through my previous posts with me here on WordPress, you’re gonna realize that all that I had been posting was about Film and Music awards, and there’s no personal touch in there whatsoever. You can’t blame me, that’s (generally, entertainment) what’s running through my head in those times. It could be because I don’t find anything else in my life interesting except for what I make entertainment and Hollywood of.

Since my last blog post about the Oscars and its 10 Best Actresses of the decade, I have experienced casual turmoil and fuel to the soul. What I’m saying is, I have had the worst and the best since then. Be it about work, life, and love.


I am happy with what I do as a Korean essay editor, or so that’s how I put it. The happiness lies on the fact that I don’t have to wake up early and spend the next 9 hours miserably with the people I don’t see myself hanging out with- office mates. Here in this office, everyone’s so friendly it’s like they’re ploting somthing behind your back, but no, seriously, they’re the coolest people. These and more are the reasons why I want to keep my current job. The downfall now is that I don’t get paid as much as a normal 22-year-old would demand. Earning like less than two thousand pesos per 15 days is not something that would make you look bad if you complain. Justice is definitely needed here.

This is the point where I segue to what the underlined header is all about. Freelance and the face you make out of it. Since I don’t get paid as much, I have engaged myself in a marketing and creative services firm, The Grupo Sorbetero Company. I had worked with this people in late 2008 and mid-2009. I had a breakthrough when I was appointed as the Technical Director to the Coca-Cola- Coke HALika event held in the roads of Manila a week before Christmas day. You can check this blog post right here, with photos and all. The Healthy and Active Lifestyle event by Coke. (Coke, the soda brand, not, coke- the thing you illegally do).

The Roni Garcia project (The ceiling), Oreo-Tiger Marketing Launch


In January, I was appointed to be the Field Coordinator for Kraft- Tobelrone’s National Thank You Day. A few weeks back, I was doing a task that never in my life have I imagined of doing- Project Coordinator and Logistics for the Kraft- Oreo and Tiger Marketing Launch and Seminar. I’ve never been an events person. Well, I had a pretty good introduction to it in College as I was part of the Arts and Letters Student Council for most of my stay in UST. Then again, it’s always different and way bigger in the real world. The events I had held stressed me out- in a nice way. It’s something that you’d want to do over and over. Stress, there is, yes, but it’s already become a part of who you are and what you want to do. I wanna do it again if given the chance. Although, my last event, the one with the people of Oreo and Tiger didn’t quite get me to the cusp. I must’ve been a fiasco for the primary task that I was supposed to be doing wasn’t done gracefully, or could it be that I’m, again, thinking way too much.

 Now, I’m back to being an essay editor, back to being broke. I’m seriously in panic right now for there’s no way what I’m earning from this Korean joint can make me survive summer. I need a job, a better job. Anyone?


~ by ardenkhan on 23/02/2010.

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