Folk singer Jay Brannan has a song from his sophomore record, Goddamned, which goes…

“American Idol, get the hell off my T.V.”

And sometimes, I can’t help but sing to that song wverytime I see Kara try too hard, and nothing else to my surprise! Hey, it’s only Kara who has a problem. Bring Paula back! On a serious note now, I’m not really a fan of Hollywood week, or of the audition. I just go straight to the semis and take my pick.

Week 1 for the Top 24, and my vote goes to:


Lee Dewyze – Chasing Cars

Didi Benami – The Way I Am

To be honest, I was very underwhelmed by the ladies last night. None of them stood out. Well, there’s this woman who did Hand In My Pocket on guitar and harmonica, and I thought she was giving a name for herself and it worked. As for the boys, I was impressed by the Mexican boy who did You And I Both, also, by Casey James, let’s admit it, he’s really someone you would want your breath to be taken by. Oh, and Casey did Heaven, by the way. I admired the guy who did the acoustic of Sugar, We’re Going Down, only because I’ve never seen anyone on a singing competition did an FOB hit. The guy who did Apologize, though some notes must’ve fallen flat, actually was one of my picks for the night. And then there was the dude who sang Wonderful World by the amazing James Morrison whose voice was perfection, but his performance was a little awkward. It was like he had a fight with someone before stepping on the stage.

Now, I wrap this blog up by telling everyone that my early favorite from the male has got to be Retro Rocker himself…



~ by ardenkhan on 26/02/2010.

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