This is about 7 Deadly Sins, and probably the sad 7 Last Words, meeting 8 random things that I realized over the Holy Week.

1. Tomas Morato is different in the daylight. Especially when you search for 7 mythical places inside it. Quezon City has a lot of churches. I didn’t know people from the North are rather religious.

2. I cannot quit smoking just yet. Although I realized that when I think of my parents, especially my Mom, getting frustrated every time I smell cigarette smoke all over me, my drive to quit strengthens.

3. I can say no to invitations for sweet carnal activities (on special celebrations, like the Holy Week).

4. UST is too much of a sap capital, a ghost town, on a Black Saturday morning. UST did the best to me. It’s where I find peace every time. So much has happened. So much has changed.

5. Jennifer Aniston is a good actress after all. Love Happens is one of my favorite films now. I watched it because I heard the soundtrack was phenomenal. I could have just downloaded the songs, but it would be more significant if I knew which parts in the film the songs were played on, so I watched it. It’s the perfect non-punk-but-pure-alternative-rock of a film. It’s about bands, flowers, and believing that in the strangest places and events… LOVE HAPPENS.

6. I told myself last Sunday, Palm Sunday, that all that’s left for me to do is cry. Just cry this one out and everything’s gonna fall to place. Last night, as I was listening to a seriously sappy CD an ex (from way back) had made for me, I cried. It was just a small amount of tear, but still. Finally I did it. I now forget what particular song I cried on. It could have been either A Girl Called Eddy’s Heartache or Cat Power’s Where Is My Love.

7. American Idol is seriously at its worst this season. I feel for Tim Urban. Yes, he may not be that good of a singer to be in the finals, but to hear such harsh comments from Simon, and especially being asked, “Do you understand what we were saying?” by a non-credible judge that is Kara (spell her last name for I can’t) is just too much of an insult. And for Didi Benami, my favorite girl since she sang The Way I Am to be eliminated too soon is just wrong. She never received any good comments since the finals kicked off. Some people are mean.

8. Every time I go through the process of breaking-up and moving on, I tell everyone how much of a fantasy love is- that it’s something no one should believe in. This time, after my 24th (I think) or 25th break-up experience, I shall turn things around and tell myself that I’m always ready for love. All I have to do is chill, be worry-free, look younger (for we are all getting old, to the point that we’d look ugly and less attractive), and wait. Wait for that Swedish rocker with flab all over (not chubby, just flabby) who’d play me folk.

There. Pretty much, I had a boring Holy Week. But I tell you, instead of going elsewhere as I originally planned, I just stayed at home. I knew I needed to catch up with everything I’d lost. Sanity being one of them. And sleep more importantly. I really wanna gain weight and look more beautiful.

And it’s official. I am into Lee Dewyze. The flab, man.

And Crystal should win this whole lot.

Happy Easter!


~ by ardenkhan on 04/04/2010.

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