Since I graduated in 2008, Jim Halpert’s line from The Office Season 1- “If this were my career, I’d throw myself in front of a train!”- had been my mantra every time I get a job. Now, I think I have put a foot on the first step of what could be, or can be, a career.

I have always wanted to be in the world of Advertising. And to be part of it now, in the department I think my attitude is best fit in, is just amazing. I don’t wanna lose my enthusiasm at all. Will experiement and have fun. To keep the flame inside me burning, haay, gots to work on that.

Now, March 26th, some Fridays ago, my fifth day with Masscom, in Masscom, this happened. IBC awards in Fiama, nice people everywhere, or so I hope, and all the nicest office mates- that I’m certain about.

Jo, Lhen, Niki, myself, and Lalaine (Group Head).

I’m a Media Planner for Selecta. Toodles if I piss you off with all the TV ads every commercial break.

Summer, e.


~ by ardenkhan on 05/04/2010.

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