It’s barely my 3rd week in the industry and I’ve been blessed by so many exciting things. So last night, I, along with the people from Masscom and other Media agencies and brands, had been invited to the GMA-7 Trade Launch at SMX.

Ok, I don’t watch local channels anymore. The last time I got crazy over GMA-7, and local TV in general, was during the Encantadia days. But the legendary celebrities that I finally got up close and personal with last night have forever remained in my system. And I love them.

The one and only Master Showman.

Who would not get starstruck?

The biggest comedy actors in the world, yes.

Michael V. in character as Pepito Manaloto

Manilyn Reynes (in-character for pepito Manoloto)

You have to give this to me.

I was a huge Starstruck Batch 1 fan. I was a kid.

Mark Herras may not be my bet then (it was Tyron Perez), but the dude’s hot.


Ay, ay, ay pag-ibig.

Comedy central. Eugene, Allan, and FABIO IDE (was it?) HOT!

Akihiro, Jo (Planner), and another hot one.


The fun didn’t stop there. Will blog for more. Wait up.

Onto the next highlight.



~ by ardenkhan on 09/04/2010.

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