I knew it, but why am I still disappointed?

This season of American Idol has been the worst and the craziest. Although at some bullet points, pros and kudos to this season may still be present. Nobody has done it like Crystal, that’s one. This season’s about rockers, hence majority of the themes skew to the rock genre: The Rolling Stones, Lennon & McCartney, and Elvis. However, people still love to hate this season thinking that the producer’s been trying too hard to pimp for the ratings and that the contestants are nowhere as good as the ones that came before them. Despite all these, one contestant remained to be a crowd favorite, not because she sings well, but because she screams in an awesome manner and that she’s just plainly weird and worthy of the people’s appreciation. Siobhan Magnus.

Now, what would American Idol season 9 be without the artist that is Siobhan?

Still shot of Siobhan after her unforgettable, breathtaking performance of Paint It Black.


American Idol has set a trend to be eliminating the good ones come top half or THE TOP SIX. Case in point are these people who ended up at 6th place: Constantine Maroulis (How You Remind Me, Season 4), Phil Stacey- part of a double elimination with Chris Richardson- (Blaze Of Glory, Season 6), and Carly Smithson (Superstar, Season 7). Also, there could be a jinx in this Shania Twain song that whoever sings it leaves the show that very week- Mandisa in Season 4 left too soon after this performance, and it’s safe to say that Siobhan has left too soon as well.

American Idol producers fabricate and plan very well. You may shoot me for saying this, but I still will even if I don’t have any basis. I KNEW IT. They would eliminate Siobhan first thing come the top half. This is done to show that eventhough the females got kicked out first and too early, with 3 leaving consecutively in the first 3 weeks of the finals- Lacey Brown, Paige Miles, and Didi Benami- THAT a female will still triumph over the boys in this season, this is also done to challenge the women and empower them in the end. The female bearer is no other than Crystal Bowersox who has been delivering beautifully week after week.

American Idol has shown some fabrications, too, in the past seasons.

In Season 7, the first season where everyone was mostly talented, also the first season to ever allow contestants to play their musical instruments during the performance, Syesha Mercado- the worst black girl to ever stay that long- ended up as Top 3, when it’s Jason Castro who could have been in her shoes. Why? For me, the producers made it happen so that Jason Castro would not come between their dream of a David-David finale.

In Season 8, Danny Gokey ended up as Top 3, eventhough Alison Iraheta could have gotten in instead because in the history of Idol, there has not been any all-men Top 3 whereas in Season 4, the Top 4 were all dominated by females (La Toya, Jasmine, Diana, and Fantasia).

Again, this is just me talking without basing it on any facts. Call this prejudice, I don’t really care at this point.

Let’s hear it one more time for Siobhan Magnus.

I’m going to say what Simon has said when Carly Smithson left too soon- at least you left with a proud performance.


~ by ardenkhan on 29/04/2010.

One Response to “I KNEW IT, BUT WHY…”

  1. I was so pissed! Now I can officially say that this Season generally sucks! Siobhan is the most original out of all of them..grrr

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