On my previous blog post, I kinda teased people with that early evening in the Dashboard Confessional press conference/ CD signing/ meet and greet in Glorietta a good week ago 9March 26, 2010, Wednesday). Well, here it goes, photo from the official photographer. Aren’t we like a band on our own already?

YES. It was yet another experience of a lifetime (although right after the press con, I had to go back to the office in Ortigas that same night to run some stuff). I totally missed my chances with PANIC! AT THE DISCO, so there’s no way I’m missing another with DASHBOARD. Oh, another one, with THE KILLERS, man they didn’t come.

Once upon a time between dusk and summer was this.

A boy who’s vindicated, hands down, excited.

I’m dubbing this as my screaming infidelity moment with Jason Wade of Lifehouse. He’s like the best man there is, my ultimate love and idol and god all at the same time. But hey, I had my chance with them in 2008, two years later, it’s more of me going a little emo with Chris Carraba! Hell YEAH. Thanks to LT for taking me to this one!


~ by ardenkhan on 05/06/2010.

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