Trust me, I’m the last person in the world who you would want to engage in a sport-ish conversation with. Sports is like on page four of the things I find interesting to talk about. The Oscars, Rockers, Sex, and Alternative Music on page one most definitely along with White people and Geography. Did I say White people and countries around the globe? Right. Hence, FIFA.

The World Cup to me is 1/3 Sports, 1/3 White People, and 1/3 Nations/ Geography. Two out of the three I do find interesting and that is why since I watched the first game of Argentina against Nigeria, I knew, I’d be hooked forever. True enough, I got hooked. Yes, it could be for an odd reason that I’m watching the Worldcup, but no, it’s my interest I’m feeding. Let me give you the five faces of my FIFA experience 2010. I’m not really into hispanic faces, but with how they kick their games got them into this list which I’m sure nobody would care about anyway.

1. MANUEL NEUER – Germany

Two Lady GaGa lines I dedicate to thee: “I love that lavender blonde.” and “He ate my heart, that boy is a monster.” And all of whoever’s wet dream one-liners, I dedicate. German Goalkeeper slash HERO. Since their first game with Australia, I knew, this boy is the reason why the Oz men went home zero. He’s a cockblocker and a rocker. His body language is mighty heroic. His plump butt is just as exciting to check out. He’s German. He’s Euro. Neatly my type. I am a huge fan of goal keepers, it’s crazy the body language!

2. TRANQUILLO BARNETTA – Switzerland & 3. JESUS NAVAS – Spain

Not really one-of-a-kind athletes in the season, but with their good looks which differ from each other- as Swiss army Barnetta has that all brunette-Euro-look (which I lean more to) while Navas, being the Spain dude, has that full-blown god-like feature with eyes that melt- I know I had to give it to them!

4. LEO MESSI- Argentina & 5. DIEGO BENAGLIO – Switzerland

Argentina has got to be one of my favorite countries to study and, if given the chance, travel. Looking forward to their first game in the season, I ended up noticing only one player, Messi. He’s not as beautiful as the ones featured above, but the way he plays is massive. In the heart of Europe lies Switzerland and from it is Benaglio, the Swiss goalkeeper. This Benaglio dude has a face that’s too strong for my taste, but I bow down to this SWISS HERO. I tell you, the men of Spain didn’t make it the first game because of this man’s agility, body language, and impeccable skills. Did I tell you, I’m into goal keepers? Both Neuer (Germany) and Benaglio (Switzerland) forever remain my favorite players in the game.


And yes. Too late this heavy comment, but I HATE SPAIN! The Germans could have had that chance in the finals! Having said that, and taking into consideration that there are more extra-white people in The Netherlands than in Spain, which by the way is the team they are up against to, I cheer for TEAM NETHERLANDS! Go, win this season’s WORLD CUP!


I know Sweden remains to be my dream country,

followed by Czech Republic, Argentina, the United States Of America, and Australia,

but I say, in Germany lies a MONSTER… and he ate my heart.



~ by ardenkhan on 10/07/2010.

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