Typically, Filipinos- and Asians in general as a matter of fact- know of only two white places in the world: States (translated as the United States of America) and Europe (yes, as collective as such; an ordinary Filipino may think of Europe as a country with in fact either France or U.K. in mind). I may not be so very modest in this topic because ever since I was way younger, I had learned, self-studied the cultures of the world, contemporary geography, and nations’ facts and figures. With a dream, I enumerate places I desire of visiting someday. The books have inspired me. And note that Geography books are the only ones I ever find interesting to read.

In elementary, I fantasized about Egypt, Iceland, and Namibia. The extreme cultural differences among these three nations mesmerized me. In High School, I started dreaming of visiting the south-most part of Argentina to just watch as the glaciers act as prism and Czech Republic which I strongly believe should be called, geographically, the Heart of Europe. In College, as reality started coming to me little by little, I learned that some odd countries might just be too impossible to travel and I should just attract the easy ones, where most Filipinos have gone like the USA or Canada probably. I also realized that my interest in traveling has expanded from just wanting to breakout and see the world to a more complex one- falling in love, settling down, and catching hard core local rock bands.

Falling in love. I have this crazy head over foreign rock stars and that happy side of me taught me to classify my interest in people as such. On a simpler note, I like white people. I call dibs on those who rock and roll and talk with a peculiar yet hard-and-wet accent. While most of my favorite rock stars hail from the USA, and most of my crushes, too, I dream about flying elsewhere to fall in love, live, die. And watch my favorite indie/local rock bands. SWEDEN.

I may be vague about their culture as the books sometimes tend to become to fancy to read, but I dream of this country a lot. You ask me why of all countries, why. It’s the folk-indie-rock music its locals produce. Since my discovery of The Cardigans, Standfast, Andreas Johnson, Peter Bjorn & John, Mando Diao, Club 8, and Shout Out Louds, I have fallen in love with Sweden. The reason for this is because if you ever try to listen to a song especially from Club 8 (say, “Whatever You Want” or “Leave The North”) or Shout Out Louds (say, “Tonight I Have To Leave It”), or especially from Peter Bjorn & John (say, “Paris 2004”, the perfect travel soundtrack), you can sense the richness of Sweden through their music. Close your eyes and imagine the greens, the tundra, the smell of fresh leaves, the hop onto the city and see the bright lights in the evening, the solemnity of the streets, and the sound of calm water by the moon river. That’s love, that’s Sweden.

That’s it for the introduction. Here’s what this blog post is all about.

The live performance of my ultimate favorite Swedish band, Shout Out Louds, of one of my ultimate favorite Euro songs, “Impossible”. You may check out the official music video for the album version of this one on Youtube. It’s everything Sweden. But for now, check out the band as they perform it live. I love them The music they make is heaven to me. Feel the ‘folkness‘ of the Scandinavia and the culture of Europe from the percussion.(Or they call it, the glockenspiel).

Impossible, impossible. Your love is something I cannot remember.


Oh and just so you know, I haven’t ever really traveled. But someday, I know I’ll be able to.



~ by ardenkhan on 11/07/2010.

2 Responses to “SWEDEN, I LOVE YOU.”

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  2. I’ve been saying these past few days that I want to travel to Sweden, shop at Ikea and eat Princess cake. and I like this song ha. 🙂

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