… THE EXTRA-TERRIFYING WIND LAST NIGHT PUT ME TO AN UNCOMFORTABLE SLEEP. I, with my family, live in Ortigas Ext, nest to Floodway which caused the high floods in Pasig City in September 2009. Last night, as the presence of Basyang was intensely felt, at 12:30 AM, I couldn’t rest my senses. I kept waking up for I was so scared that I might wake up to water everywhere. Please help us pray for safety in the Philippines during this mad season. Gladly, I woke up to smiling sunshine. Well, sunshine, the humidity, and total Metro Manila black-out. Oh OK.

… THIS DAY WAS SUPPOSEDLY WORK-FREE DUE TO THE BLACK-OUT, YET I HAD A FULL ONE. So what’s supposedly work-free because seriously, there was no electricity in the office like nothing at all. By brunch time, I had to find a near Starbucks branch to, hoping, be able to charge my phone for it was totally about to be dead. And so I did. Starbucks Shangri-La had the most number of refugees and… the most number of the nicest crew. I was with my boss, Lalaine, during the earlier times, and I was able to find an active outlet somewhere in the crowded corner, so crowded that the only thing that’s possible of taking space is my mobile phone. Choosing between charging my phone, but I have to leave it in the supervision of a total stranger and watch it from afar (where, well, I can smoke), and not being able to charge it at all, I chose the first one. After my boss left for she had to attend to other important stuff, I was left overlooking my phone. By the time that it had enough power to actually be used, I had then managing non-stop concerns here and there, left and right, all for tomorrow’s effect. In the world of media, tomorrow’s perfection is today’s last full-force push of efforts. With my scratch papers and notebook, a stranger next to me, cigarettes, and a Grande Frapuccino, I was working in the hottest place called “that corner of Starbucks with active electricity outlet”.

… I WENT TO CHILI’S TOMAS MORATO FOR A MEETING AT AROUND 4:30 PM. More of an offline-meeting and what had been a nice bonding with the Brand Team, I went to Quezon City from Shangri-La and discussed everything about death, perhaps. It was an extra-fun moment with the people who you exchange work with on a daily basis thru phone conversation and Email. In that bonding also was one of our dearest suppliers who had to meet us for a very important concern. At half-past a huge chicken breast burger and a minute-past bottomless soda, this dearly supplier drove me home from the North to the East. Now I’m home, blogging, agitated with the pending works, safely and well, restless.


Two more stressful days until weekend. That’s my perspective.

Oh and by the way, this total stranger, he’s a super nice DLSU Communications student and his name is Tristan. 🙂


~ by ardenkhan on 14/07/2010.

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