I had to wait for like about 4 days from the opening to watch Inception. Monday night, I was able to steal time from my extra-demanding work and watched the Chris Nolan masterpiece. That Monday night, I knew, my countdown to the Oscars has started.

This year, past the Oscar season in the first quarter, Inception has got to be the most creative, perfecty-executed film I have ever seen. Of course, with Sex And The City 2 in second place. *WINK* Seriously though, rising above the subtlety of the films in the previous months, Inception Director Christopher Nolan has yet made a new wonder shortly following his already-a-history, The Dark Knight, which came out exactly 2 years ago. With both the writing and the directing job included in Nolan’s list of TO-DOs for Inception, he could just shock everyone by possibly scoring an Oscar nomination for Achievement in Directing and/or Original Screenplay. With, of course, all the other awards in the technical category as sure shot.

Having the most in-demand thriller/ action/ sci-fi writer-director and a dream cast to match, this film is slowly growing to be this year’s most talked-about creation. From Cillian Murphy (who Nolan has worked with in Batman Begins) to Tom Hardy, to a bunch of heavies like lead man 3-Time Oscar nominee Leonardo Di Caprio (What’s Eating Gilber Grape?, The Aviator, Blood Diamond), Oscar winner Marion Cotillard (La Vie En Rose), Oscar nominee Ellen Page (Juno), Oscar nominee Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai), plus Golden Globe nominee Joseph Gordon-Levitt ((500) Days Of Summer), and Two-Time Oscar winner Sir Michael Caine (Hannah And Her Sisters, The Cider House Rules), it’s what you spell C-A-S-T.

If there’s a greater reason why I loved this film more than its writing and execution, it’s the presence of the “golden boy” Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He who started out as a child actor and later on became independent films’ hero, this actor deserves far more than what could be in store for him. The world of appreciation turned to him when he starred supporting the late Oscar winner Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You and in his Golden Globe-nominated performance in (500) Days Of Summer, other than that, he was nothing but a little-known actor who starred in several indies like Havoc, Uncertainty, Latter Days, and Mysterious Skin. An opportunity as huge as Inception can mark the beggining of way bigger ones for this 29-year-old actor. On a personal note, he’s the most charming dorky-punk dude I have ever laid my eyes on on the big screen and on TV.

It’s just frustrating that he didn’t get the rumored part of Peter Parker in the new Spider Man, although, it is said (and I secretly pray so) that he’s possibly getting the role of Edward Nigma A.K.A. “The Riddler” in the new installment of Batman by Christopher Nolan. If the Oscar-nominated director was able to turn the late Ledger from a charming Oz-boy-next-door to a psycho villain as “The Joker” in The Dark Knight, and had Ledger give justice to the role which Jack Nicholson introduced to the big screen, then I am very certain that he can also do the same thing for Gordon-Levitt in the role which Jim Carrey made promising.

This is it. My Countdown to the Oscars has begun!




~ by ardenkhan on 23/07/2010.

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