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Sa trabaho ko, hindi ako basta dapat nawawalan ng:

  • pag-asa
  • kumpyansa sa sarili
  • tiwala sa mga boss ko
  • sobrang pera pang O.T. FOOD (dahil lagi akong O.T.)
  • MP3 ng “Bad Day” ni Daniel Powter at ng Fuel
  • MP3 ng “Fuck You” ni Lily Allen (na happy song ko)
  • album ng Shout Out Louds at Lifehouse
  • sigarilyo sa bag
  • at lighter!
  • pati Vitamin C!


Stressed kung stressed. Lunes pa lang!



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Typically, Filipinos- and Asians in general as a matter of fact- know of only two white places in the world: States (translated as the United States of America) and Europe (yes, as collective as such; an ordinary Filipino may think of Europe as a country with in fact either France or U.K. in mind). I may not be so very modest in this topic because ever since I was way younger, I had learned, self-studied the cultures of the world, contemporary geography, and nations’ facts and figures. With a dream, I enumerate places I desire of visiting someday. The books have inspired me. And note that Geography books are the only ones I ever find interesting to read.

In elementary, I fantasized about Egypt, Iceland, and Namibia. The extreme cultural differences among these three nations mesmerized me. In High School, I started dreaming of visiting the south-most part of Argentina to just watch as the glaciers act as prism and Czech Republic which I strongly believe should be called, geographically, the Heart of Europe. In College, as reality started coming to me little by little, I learned that some odd countries might just be too impossible to travel and I should just attract the easy ones, where most Filipinos have gone like the USA or Canada probably. I also realized that my interest in traveling has expanded from just wanting to breakout and see the world to a more complex one- falling in love, settling down, and catching hard core local rock bands.

Falling in love. I have this crazy head over foreign rock stars and that happy side of me taught me to classify my interest in people as such. On a simpler note, I like white people. I call dibs on those who rock and roll and talk with a peculiar yet hard-and-wet accent. While most of my favorite rock stars hail from the USA, and most of my crushes, too, I dream about flying elsewhere to fall in love, live, die. And watch my favorite indie/local rock bands. SWEDEN.

I may be vague about their culture as the books sometimes tend to become to fancy to read, but I dream of this country a lot. You ask me why of all countries, why. It’s the folk-indie-rock music its locals produce. Since my discovery of The Cardigans, Standfast, Andreas Johnson, Peter Bjorn & John, Mando Diao, Club 8, and Shout Out Louds, I have fallen in love with Sweden. The reason for this is because if you ever try to listen to a song especially from Club 8 (say, “Whatever You Want” or “Leave The North”) or Shout Out Louds (say, “Tonight I Have To Leave It”), or especially from Peter Bjorn & John (say, “Paris 2004”, the perfect travel soundtrack), you can sense the richness of Sweden through their music. Close your eyes and imagine the greens, the tundra, the smell of fresh leaves, the hop onto the city and see the bright lights in the evening, the solemnity of the streets, and the sound of calm water by the moon river. That’s love, that’s Sweden.

That’s it for the introduction. Here’s what this blog post is all about.

The live performance of my ultimate favorite Swedish band, Shout Out Louds, of one of my ultimate favorite Euro songs, “Impossible”. You may check out the official music video for the album version of this one on Youtube. It’s everything Sweden. But for now, check out the band as they perform it live. I love them The music they make is heaven to me. Feel the ‘folkness‘ of the Scandinavia and the culture of Europe from the percussion.(Or they call it, the glockenspiel).

Impossible, impossible. Your love is something I cannot remember.


Oh and just so you know, I haven’t ever really traveled. But someday, I know I’ll be able to.



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Since Hot Fuss, I have fallen in love with this Rock Star who fronted one of the biggest Las Vegas-based bands ever, synth rock royalty THE KILLERS. It killed me when they dropped their supposed Manila tour in January this year, but it killed my heart the more when they, apparently true, split.

Not a fuss though for the voice behind Mr. Brightside, For Reasons Unknown, Smile Like You Mean It, All These Things That I’ve Done, Read My Mind, Bones, Spaceman, and other rock’nrollas is on a solo for his debut effort Flamingo (Brandon Flowers’ solo debut album) featuring this single.

On the video is the one and only Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron. I bow down.


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Trust me, I’m the last person in the world who you would want to engage in a sport-ish conversation with. Sports is like on page four of the things I find interesting to talk about. The Oscars, Rockers, Sex, and Alternative Music on page one most definitely along with White people and Geography. Did I say White people and countries around the globe? Right. Hence, FIFA.

The World Cup to me is 1/3 Sports, 1/3 White People, and 1/3 Nations/ Geography. Two out of the three I do find interesting and that is why since I watched the first game of Argentina against Nigeria, I knew, I’d be hooked forever. True enough, I got hooked. Yes, it could be for an odd reason that I’m watching the Worldcup, but no, it’s my interest I’m feeding. Let me give you the five faces of my FIFA experience 2010. I’m not really into hispanic faces, but with how they kick their games got them into this list which I’m sure nobody would care about anyway.

1. MANUEL NEUER – Germany

Two Lady GaGa lines I dedicate to thee: “I love that lavender blonde.” and “He ate my heart, that boy is a monster.” And all of whoever’s wet dream one-liners, I dedicate. German Goalkeeper slash HERO. Since their first game with Australia, I knew, this boy is the reason why the Oz men went home zero. He’s a cockblocker and a rocker. His body language is mighty heroic. His plump butt is just as exciting to check out. He’s German. He’s Euro. Neatly my type. I am a huge fan of goal keepers, it’s crazy the body language!

2. TRANQUILLO BARNETTA – Switzerland & 3. JESUS NAVAS – Spain

Not really one-of-a-kind athletes in the season, but with their good looks which differ from each other- as Swiss army Barnetta has that all brunette-Euro-look (which I lean more to) while Navas, being the Spain dude, has that full-blown god-like feature with eyes that melt- I know I had to give it to them!

4. LEO MESSI- Argentina & 5. DIEGO BENAGLIO – Switzerland

Argentina has got to be one of my favorite countries to study and, if given the chance, travel. Looking forward to their first game in the season, I ended up noticing only one player, Messi. He’s not as beautiful as the ones featured above, but the way he plays is massive. In the heart of Europe lies Switzerland and from it is Benaglio, the Swiss goalkeeper. This Benaglio dude has a face that’s too strong for my taste, but I bow down to this SWISS HERO. I tell you, the men of Spain didn’t make it the first game because of this man’s agility, body language, and impeccable skills. Did I tell you, I’m into goal keepers? Both Neuer (Germany) and Benaglio (Switzerland) forever remain my favorite players in the game.


And yes. Too late this heavy comment, but I HATE SPAIN! The Germans could have had that chance in the finals! Having said that, and taking into consideration that there are more extra-white people in The Netherlands than in Spain, which by the way is the team they are up against to, I cheer for TEAM NETHERLANDS! Go, win this season’s WORLD CUP!


I know Sweden remains to be my dream country,

followed by Czech Republic, Argentina, the United States Of America, and Australia,

but I say, in Germany lies a MONSTER… and he ate my heart.



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It’s been a crazy ride to my first three months at work. It’s unbelievable that no matter the stress, I still figured out how to balance everything with good laughs, finding the right person from the bunch of office mates to rant to, finding the right people to seek help from, finding the right office mates to entrust my weaknesses to, and so on. I love what I do. I have dreamt of this since college probably and now I’m here.

Since I started with this new job on March 22, I could only remember a few instances when I left the office at exactly 6 PM. Likewise, I could only remember a few when I got to work on time which is at 9 AM. Seriously, who likes waking up in the morning? Lame excuse. On another context, I could only remember a few moments when I left the office with less than 9 hours of service. I’m not complaining or anything. This is supposed to be a blog post about my addiction to work. And it’s safe to say that I’m mighty addicted and happilly addicted to work, the thing that I do. I have wonderful bosses who I share a laugh about life or two with and it’s what matters.

It’s just weird that I enjoy this job so much that I tend to overlook other not-so-important-things-but-can-be-quite-are. Lovelife. Well, I am in this illusion that I’m better off without one anyway. Then again, it’s just an illusion. I’m not really happy being alone, but I’m better off alone. I choose to be this- in my singular form. I choose to be worrying about friends and myself and money and less about love. Love is the most stressful of all things and who needs it. I’m living the life of a career person, or so I say. I work all-week-long and on Friday nights, I go out with my girls friends for dinner, coffee, and sometimes, beer. On weekends, I rest, or try my hardest to. It’s my life. Am I in this danger of possibly getting sick of it- YES. But heck, I should not anticipate and worry. That’s gonna cause me another stress.

Lately, I have been neglecting my WordPress. I go online every chance I get to update my Facebook and Twitter and that’s all I ever do. My life so out-there is only capable of handling micro stuff, like micro-blogging. I’m sorry, dear WordPress. I promise to update you as much as I can. I need to practice writing and blogging again. I have to go back. I have to be the enthusiatic blogger I once was, like back in College. Oh, and hey, if you’re reading this, please feel free to visit my former life on Livejournal on this link- and a very much older blog on this one- Oh I swear, I didn’t know what I was writing about back then. I just type away! I wish sometimes I’d be known like that Julie Powell in Julie & Julia. Who knows? That’s what every blogger’s dream.

Oh and tonight, I got frustrated over a tiny detail. NO, a major one. Nah. I’ll wait ’till the proper time to blurt this out. I deserve a bigger one ahead. A brighter one, a better one. I deserve a happier life. I know that for sure.


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On my previous blog post, I kinda teased people with that early evening in the Dashboard Confessional press conference/ CD signing/ meet and greet in Glorietta a good week ago 9March 26, 2010, Wednesday). Well, here it goes, photo from the official photographer. Aren’t we like a band on our own already?

YES. It was yet another experience of a lifetime (although right after the press con, I had to go back to the office in Ortigas that same night to run some stuff). I totally missed my chances with PANIC! AT THE DISCO, so there’s no way I’m missing another with DASHBOARD. Oh, another one, with THE KILLERS, man they didn’t come.

Once upon a time between dusk and summer was this.

A boy who’s vindicated, hands down, excited.

I’m dubbing this as my screaming infidelity moment with Jason Wade of Lifehouse. He’s like the best man there is, my ultimate love and idol and god all at the same time. But hey, I had my chance with them in 2008, two years later, it’s more of me going a little emo with Chris Carraba! Hell YEAH. Thanks to LT for taking me to this one!


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Oh and yes, on this day, well, yesterday (May 26th) I met Chris Carrabba, John, Scott, and Mike of Dashboard Confessional as I got to be in their Press conference held in Glorietta. On top of that were a photo opportunity with the band and CD signing. Photos shall be uploaded soon. Thank you LT and thanks to your wonderful cards for this one of a kind moment.



Oh, just to share. As Chris Carraba was signing my CD, I told him, “All the while I thought you were just a dream.” And he said in response, ‘Oh yeah? Now you know we are real. We exist!”

They exist. Chris exists. I got to feel him. Ay!